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To expand our activities, we have established collaborations with different partners, including tourism offices, sustainable development programs and other companies that provide added value through their expertise and know-how.

These partnerships allow us to diversify our offerings and offer enriching and responsible experiences to our customers.

By working together, we aim to promote sustainable tourism and create beneficial synergies for all parties involved, while contributing to the economic and ecological development of our region.


In collaboration with the Montreux Riviera Tourist Office, Lutry's Paddle School offers you the opportunity to book Big Sup outings.


With pride, Following John* announces its participation in the Swisstainable program.

*(Following John manages Lutry's paddle school).

Committed to sustainable development, we strive to promote eco-responsible practices in all our outdoor activities (we have a charter for this purpose).

As a member of the Swisstainable program, we pledge to preserve Switzerland's natural beauty while offering unique and sustainable experiences to our customers. Join us in our commitment to responsible and environmentally friendly tourism.

Swisstainable is a Swiss sustainable development program stemming from and aimed at tourism, striving to promote sustainable tourism throughout Switzerland. In collaboration with various tourism sector partners, Swisstainable is committed to encouraging environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socially responsible practices in the Swiss travel industry.

Through initiatives, certifications, and strategic partnerships, Swisstainable aims to raise awareness among travelers and tourism stakeholders about the importance of sustainability. The program highlights destinations and businesses that integrate sustainable development principles into their tourism offerings.

Switzerland Tourism plays a central role in promoting Swisstainable, with the Swiss Tourism Federation responsible for coordinating and managing Swisstainable. The goals are to position Switzerland as a leading tourist destination, showcasing its spectacular landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

By partnering with Swisstainable, Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Tourism Federation demonstrate their commitment to responsible tourism, respecting nature and local communities while offering authentic and memorable experiences to visitors discovering the wonders of Switzerland.

For more information on the Swisstainable sustainability program, please visit:


Lutry's Paddle School is pleased to announce its participation in the BCV Extra program in partnership with Vaud Promotion, offering BCV VISA Debit cardholders an exclusive 10% discount on the following activities:

  • Kayak excursions from point A to point B, allowing you to discover the exceptional panoramas offered by the vineyard terraces of the Lavaux region.

  • Rental of Big Sup, Hawaiian Board/Big Sup for up to 10 people.

  • Activities for kids, summer camps, birthdays.

  • Sports competitions for companies on Big Sup or Raft.

This collaboration reflects our commitment to providing unforgettable experiences to our clients while strengthening ties with the local community.

We are delighted to share our passion for adventure and discovery with BCV Extra members, while offering exclusive benefits that add extra value to their leisure activities.

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